HMI Logic – Human Machine Interface Development

Innovative software solutions especially for the industry

HMI Logic is an interdisciplinary development team. We specialize in configurable front-end applications in the industrial environment. Together with the design team of HMI Project we create individual operating concepts, high-quality design and professional programming in trend-setting web technology. We deliver high-quality results from the first idea to the finished implementation. Efficient, without friction losses, from a single source. We create technically sustainable and transparent results for our customers, with all the benefits that contemporary HTML5 programming has to offer.

Project Examples

New Rovema HMI
gwk logotherm
Concept Laser WRX 3.0
Karl Mayer KAMCOS 2.0
HMI System
Weber Power Control

Helio – HMI Management System for Next Generation Industrial Applications

The ability to configure an HMI is the basis for flexible, linked production systems. Our content management system - developed in-house and also web-based - allows all functions to be freely adapted via a graphic user interface. That way, changes to the HMI can be made at any time, even without any programming skills.
Helio Website


We produce industrial frontend applications using JavaScript as core technology. We impart our sustainable results to our clients’ development departments in training courses. We have got extensive know how in the field of web technology. Even for the industrial sector, the advantages of the client-server architecture are evident. This open, standard-based technology separates design from contents and functionality. It enables quick prototyping and delivers a system-independent, uniform presentation in the browser. The use of several - also mobile - output devices is possible from one codebase.

Web technology / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / Prototyping / Data visualisation / Data interface / Backend / Frontend / System architecture / Server / Client / CMS / OPC UA / Training / Support

Design Aliliance

Our partner HMI Project designs innovative Human Machine Interfaces for industrial applications. Due to premium quality design we create an user-friendly software and provide customised/tailor-made solutions which work and inspire.
HMI Project Website


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